Monday, April 4, 2011

Grey Knight Bitz

By TheGraveMind

So I'm sure there is a good following of grey knight interested people in the local indy area. I bought some grey knight stuff for conversions and I have all the good stuff left over. I have halberts, thunder hammer, stave, and all the heavy weapons, plus some bodies and extras. I'm looking for another set of the basic two handed force weapon for grey knights, and I need the above pictured Sniper/cloak bitz. They are from the Cadian command squad set I believe. I'm sure plenty of Inquisitor retinues are not using their snipers. I'm hoping to eventually have five of the cloak sets.


  1. ooh. I'll give you a few bucks for the hammer and Psycannons for a GK squad.

    unfortunately, all my pits are old metal stuff. but I'll pay for the stuff I want.

  2. Sorry, don't have any extras.

    Side note -
    Do you know when the Mission packs for Kokomo are coming out?

    Do you know of a website/forum for the store?

  3. I've got 4-5 sets last time I looked. If you haven't hooked up Farm yet I'll trade them out for the hammer and cannons. Extra tabarded legs are good too. Let me know.

  4. The Hammer is already taken for sadly, but Everything else is still good.

    Hulksmash, are you saying you have possibly 5 sets of sniper/cloaks? you may have just become my new best friend. I still have the cannons and legs.

    @sandman, I sadly know nothing about the kokomo stuff, If you email it should get sorted to the most knowledgeable, if no one chimes in here.

  5. I'm down for the trade. Hit me up at so we can knock it out!


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