Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adepticon: Armies Of The Traitor Legions (and Daemons)

by SandWyrm

Finally, at 10 9 of the 92 91 armies I photographed at the 40K championships, we have Chaos Marines and Daemons.

Well, I guess this is really a Guard army. ;)


  1. Even the professional with a blog gets confused, and mistakes those lame-ass 'Chaos Wolves' for what they really look like....a Chaos Army!
    "Uhhh...those Havocs are Long Fangs, and those aren't Chosen, they're...Wolf Guard! Yeah, That's it! And these Chaos Marines are Grey Hunters...and..."
    I'm sure he got as tired of explaining it almost as much as his opponents got tired of trying to remember it, but I'm positive they all appreciated the time lost as a result, and were awed at how 'Fluffy' it was...
    Cuz, oh, boy- that looks completely fluffy, and not at all like a recycled Chaos Army trying to pass as the flavor of the month.....
    Well....Kirby can write a post about this for BoLs...yay, fun!

  2. Bummer you even took a picture of my army. (mine is with the two converted Grinders) I must have walked by you several times that day and didn't get to say hello to ya Sandwyrm. I would have liked to ask about your local area events I don't live terrible far from you guys.

  3. @Drkmorals,

    We have a ton of local events for you coming up. We have a tournament April 23rd in Kokomo, May 12th coming up on the westside of Indy, A 4x4 team tournament later in May. We would love to have you show up.

  4. I am in Ohio but I would like to come out to one of the events in your area this year. I'll have to figure out when I can make the drive with work( and the wife's permission lol)Always cool to play and meet new people! =)

  5. Either two people are painting their Nurgle armies Identically...or you put the same picture up twice. Just one is further away, and appears to be on a separate table...just thought I would let you know.

  6. Sigh... noted and duplicate removed. Thanks!


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