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Spaguatyrine's Grey Knights vs Gravemind's Blood Angel Jumper List

by Spaguatyrine

I got off work and stopped by my local gaming store to hopefully get in a game.  The Gravemind showed up just in time to play a game. I tried to play Uberdark, but he was afraid of the bright light shining off the grey armor of my Knights!. 

The mission...

The mission we played was seize ground with 4 objectives and Dawn of War.  Gravemind won the roll and decided to go first.

My 1500 list was: (Looks like I only used 1473)

Shrouding, Might of Titan, Warp Rift, and Sanctuary

Xenos Inquisitor
Power weapon, Bolt pistol, Power Armor, Psychotroke and Rad grenades.

10 Terminators
2 Psycannons, 3 halberds, 3 swords, 2 hammers, 1 falcion, 1 warding Stave

5 man Strike squad
1 psycannon, Rhino, 2 halberds

2 Twin linked autocannons and psybolts

Assault Cannon, Doomfist, psybolts

Storm Raven
TL Assault Cannon, MMelta

6 psykers

Graveind's List: (Somewhat)

The Sanguinor. (I had to put the word 'The' for some reason)

Librarian Str 10, and ??

10 Man assault squad with 2 meltaguns, Pfist, Sang Priest, 2 infernus pistols

10 Man assault squad with 2 meltaguns, Pfist, Sang Priest, 2 infernus pistols

5 Man sang guard squad with Sang priest, banner of some sort.

Gravemind deployed as seen below.  I elected to keep everything off the table and bring everything on first turn.

Dawn of war deployment with THE big S and a combat squadded assault squad.

After his 1st turn, the Sang guard with the librarian and priest come on  from the board edge. With nothing to shoot he shuffles some, but stays put.

I bring on everything as seen above. The Close combat terminator combat squad  move behind the dread for cover. The Psyker squad jumps out and tries to get up into the ruin, but only rolls 2 and epic fails!  This will be important next turn.  I bring Storm Raven on flat out with Libby in side, shoot the TL Assault cannon and kill 3 models from the front squad who made thier bloodthirst roll, along with the other 10 man squad as well.  The shooty terminator combat squad jump in the Chimera that moved on 8" and popped smoke.  Nice first turn. I forgot to shoot the Autocannon dread! Duh! My CC dread is in Raven. I also cannot embark because the Raven moved flat out. (I didn't actually know that) . The strike squad casts warp quake and tries to shoot but is out of range.

I left my pskers at home so used the models above as my psykers. His vanguard dropped withing assault range and kill them all.  That Strength 7 ap 1 large blast would have been nice. Stupid roll of a 2 on their run move!

He shoots at my Chimera with 4 melta's in double dice range but fail to do anything because of my Shrouding.  His hood fails him, while mine wins everytime except 1 turn which gave him an opportunity to hurt me pretty bad. He dropped very well and stayed out of warp quake territory.

My libby joins up with the 5 CC termies and warp quakes and shoots 2 of 6 assault squad members. Might of Titan is cast to make them Str 5, then Hammerhand to make them Str 6. I wipe him before he can even swing with the 2 halberds.  The Raven moves forward and drops the CC dread infront of THE big S.  I move my Rhino and auto dread as seen above, and jump the strike squad out to put lead down range.  Shooting does 0 wounds to The Big S, and kills the Sgt with powerfist.

I get out of the Chimera and multi assualt the Vanguard and the Assault squad. The psychotrokes do nothing to the Vanguard and reduce leadership to 2 for Assault Squad. The Rad grenades make the toughness of both units 3.  The grey knights cast hammerhand, ensuring I wound on 2's. I wipe the entire Vanguard squad, and all but 1 assault squad.  He does 2 wounds with the powerfist, but my 2 swords make their invol saves. His last model must take 8 fearless saves, and dies with the glint of grey metal armor above him. He does kill the 1 terminator with the 2 nemisis falchions.

I consolidate 4" back to this positition just out of range of his assualt range even with his jump packs.

On his turn he flies his 1 assault marine into the woods to try and hide him to claim the far objective. His librarian jumps alone and even with the -4 leadership with the reinforced Aegis, castt the Sword of Sanguaine and explodes the CC dread before it can even assault due to a very good move of keeping the libby withing 6" of the priest with the Sang Guard.  Unfortnately  he is out of assault range of anything due to my dread and Rhino blocking the direct route.

I move the Rhino out of the way towards the back objective around the woods and move the CC terminator squad towards the Sang Guard. I string 2 termies back so the Inquisitor can join up.  The storm Raven shoot over and gun down the remaining lone assault marine hiding in the woods. I move the strike squad towards the Sang Guard as well. The Big S, is 1 " too far away.

The auto dread kills the librarian with 3 Str 8 autocannon shots. I shoot everything else at THe big S and he passes too many saves.

Hammerhand goes off and the Psychotrokes

Gravemind goes  for the easy kill and wipes the Strike Squad easily then gets ready to face the Terminators. His last assault squad moves inside the ruin to get some distance from my speeding Raven. I consolidate in a protective manner around the librarian with the termie.

After he wipes them he moves into cover for a last stand. I move everything within range to shoot him and then hopefully kill him in the assault. He goes down to storm bolters....! Really!  I shoot and kil1 model in the Assault squad and Gravemind Concedes the game. It is his turn 5 and I have 2 troops left that can claim 2 objectives and can still wipe his last unit. 

I will give a detailed update when I write my 10 battle synopsis, but again the grey knights close combat prowess was able to take out a very powerful close combat Blood Angel army with very little difficulty.  Gravemind played a great game, but was beat by the power of the grey knights.

One more battle with Uberdark to test them propepa lyk  as Uberdark would say.


  1. It was a good game indeed. I should have either been less aggressive, or more. I spent two turns moving my sanguinary guard from the left side down the middle of the board. I also wasted 5 bodies sitting on the back objective when I could have just used them to assault onto your objective.
    between the grenades, the powers and Init 6 power weapons, GK > Jump angels most of the time.

  2. i have to admit it was definitely an interesting game. the new gk have so many little things that can be used to make them so annoying. one moment youre throwing psychotroke grenades, the next its psychic power goodness. i am a firm believer however that even though spag is on about them being great at close combat,thats not what makes them so good. the deep striking silliness, bolter killiness, and all that psychic awesome. yeah thats the way to go. i want to play him bad now, cause i think i MIGHT and i say MIGHT be able to take this list with my 1.5k list.
    gravemind: great meeting you btw. i think your list was pretty good, but as you said at the beginning the sanguinor at 1500 just wasnt a good idea. however with the way aaron made this list i agree that you should have been less aggressive. the benefit of your army is the mobility, make him come to you and just "nip at his heels" as he moves around. i think that could take on a list like this.
    well my report on caullynn darr and scotty dont is next. rock on guys.


out dang bot!

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