Friday, April 22, 2011

A Long Time Ago... In An Galaxy Far Far Away...

by Uberdark

So I'm part of this email group of gamers and lo and behold he sends me this link today.  Mind you it has nothing to do with 40k, but i'll be damned if I am not going to share it, because well its the funniest thing I've read in months. 

Basically a link to a Luke Skywalker Yavin Ceremonial jacket on  Just read the comments and the hijinks ensue. 
If you don't enjoy this, I will have to start playing WarmaHordes.  lol.

My personal favorite quote. " Though you may appear the stylish ingénue for a short period of time, attiring yourself in this jacket for any prolonged period of time will ultimately bring you a rash of bad luck rivaled only by the accursed Hawaiian Tiki statue.

Wearing this jacket increases your chances of wrecking your Trans Am, having your hand cut off by your father or passionately kissing your sister. Avoid at all costs. "


  1. wow. so THAT's what the problem was with my inherited khaki suede jacket back in High School.

    I can probably get it and lend it to you, Uberdark.

    this is classic.

  2. well as much as id like the khaki suede, i think im gonna pass and wear my wampa outfit to saturdays game, im sure ill be able to pick up a chick a 40k a game store......filled with men............

    ok. so maybe foodie or rionnay might be interested.

  3. Don't make me wear my Captain Kirk shirt to the North Store this week!


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