Saturday, April 9, 2011

The new army conundrum: or how i learned to stop playing orks and love something else

by Uberdark                                                                        

So here I am spending yet another day, considering lists, looking at my orks.  I'm currently getting them ready for ard' boyz this summer, but I keep having this little itch at the back of my head.  It keeps saying: "Do a new army, paint more pretty things, and for the love of God don't make it RED!"

Of course I have also looked at the new GK much like others have.  I have considered them and a few other armies.  I made my own hybrid, death company/sanguinary army.  Which I like.  I have also toyed with a valkyrie tough Imperial Guard army.  Heck I even looked at Chaos Daemons.  (of course if I played daemons I wouldnt hide my Fatecrusher behind a building).  hehe...a tip o' da hat to Dodger3.

So here I am saying.  what the heck? I honestly don't know what to do.  So I am breaking it down to my personal likes in an army.

1.  They have to be FAST!
2.  Has to be ultra-manueverable.
3.  Gotta be tough.

I used to play very aggressive, I tend to do that still, but not always.  I have worked on my tactics and am sure that if given time I can work almost any army to work for me.  Only army I won't do is Necrons, Sisters, or Tau, cause well I don't want a spankin new army that has a codex on the horizon.

So go for it Kids.  Name me an army.  Give me the reasons to play it, and we shall see.  Rock on yo!


  1. From your criteria, I'd say probably a non-red Blood Angels army.

  2. Space Marine bike army - meets all three criteria...

  3. Bikes are fun, but T4(5) still suffers out in the open.

  4. I play a mix of bikes and assault marines (raven guard style with dual lightning claws). Taking Khan gets you to outflank everything, and the command squad on bikes are a great deathstar. Lately I use assault amriens + bikes thing but with blood angels and priests.

  5. da warboss: true about the khanstar. i have actually considered fluff marines. but damn if those bikes arent expensive!

  6. I like the Bike Army idea. Just don't reserve them if the other guy has Kroot or Genestealers to line the board edge with. :)

  7. Yeah, take one unit of scouts to deploy on the table spread out as infiltrator pushback.

  8. You know you want to go Tyranids. Fast is the only hard part, but you are definitely rewarded for playing aggressively; and fielding 30+ 6T wounds is always fun.

  9. Imperial Guard airbourne orgynn force!

  10. Blood Angels Successor Chapter - probably Lamenters (based on your painting skill), or a White Scars Successor - maybe Storm Lords, or possibly a Raven Guard Successor - Hawk Lords.

    These armies would look super cool and would fulfill your criteria.

  11. wienas: i always loved the hawk lords. i actually painted a hawk lords dread once.

    COTBT: are you daft!?!!! that would cost me around $3k!!! lol. although funny as heck.

    ok guys: so far im leaning back towards ba: with a hawk lords paint job.

  12. Dark Eldar? Carnival of flesh is tough as nails, they are defiantly fast and manoeuvrable too.

    Yeah their transports are weak but you have numbers and manoeuvrability to compensate. Plus you have the webway portal which can't be shot down at all.

    Also, bikes look really dumb. Dark Eldar look sexy.

  13. Lamenters. They're blood angels, only YELLOW!

  14. I'd say Hawk Lords or Lamenters. The BA codex is speedy, shooty, and can do agressive.

    I think BA Razorlists are pretty mean. I'm starting on a writeup of trying a razorback/jumper list.

  15. @COTBT

    Your idea is spoiled only by the inability of Ogryns to get in Valks/Vendettas. :P

  16. sandwyrm: hah!!! whatever. you forget about "counts as" armies!!! muwahahahahahaha!!

  17. Nurgle Bikers...
    As tough as you can get. Support with DP's.
    Maneuvers like a bitch with KY.
    Fast for Nurgle...

  18. A Coven DE build is certainly tough in terms of DE. You're looking at T4 with FnP. The airplanes will go down fast, but of course you could do a Webway build (though Covens are the "slow" DE as well - ie not fleet, so footslogging is just footslogging).

    Then you have Taloi and Cronos' to play with. Fancy.

    If you want a Marine flavor, either Angry or Bikers would probably fit your bill best. Angry are going to be easier. Though the Nurgle trick gives you pretty unparalleled survivability for your base troops.

    Though one thing I may suggest, is go the Valk route, since you're interested, and do a Lootas army (orks count-as IG).
    A) You have the conversion skillz for it
    B) You'll get proper Lootas that way
    C) 3 months down the line, when you decide you just want more Orks afterall, you'll have them!

  19. I have to jump in with some Space Wolf loving. YOU KNOW how those TW Cav do with a good support system! :)

  20. I think your options of GK is strong in higher points. At 'ard boyz you see people trying to make more and more expensive units and pound for power your units are going to be better in a GK codex when you're both looking at an army of expensive units. I think it's something to consider for 'ard boyz

  21. spag: TW Cav mean conversions, and since i dont ever use Non-GW models yeah thats gonna be a tough one. Of course I could mech them out as hybrid bikers with a lot of wolves on them.

    right now its swaying between imperial guard and sw/ba as hawk lords


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