Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hivefleet Indy Spring Tournament May 14th

by Spaguatyrine

Got this information from Scotty Don't today..

Hivefleet Indy Spring Tournament
Games 2 Die 4
May 14th

12:00 pm
Registration starts at 11am and ends at 11:30am

All current codecies as of 5-7-11
1750 pt armies
3 rounds with 2 hours per round for play
Entry fee is $15

Missions and deployment will not be released prior to event. You will play all 3 missions out of the BRB with some slight variations.

This is a win/loss tourney with a twist:
7-0 full win
6-1 win
5-2 slight win
(first number is winner, second is loser)

Personal Objectives for each game: Choose 1 (Worth +1 for achieve and -1 for denided objective)
1. Assasination-Destroy HQ (with most points)
2. Recover supplies-deepstrike objective at center point of table
3. Defend supplies-deepstrike objective in your deployement zone
4. Push Forward-Highest point troop unit above 50% and in enemy deployment zone

Now the good stuff......Prizes:

Best General
Renaissance Man
2nd Best General
3rd Best General
2nd Best Renaissance Man
Players Choice
Best Sport
And Several Door Prizes


  1. What exactly is a "full win" compared to a "win"?

  2. full win=your mom. win=my mom.

  3. btw spag i will be there. possibly sporting an entirely unpainted blood angels or gk army. lol.

  4. I'm going to try to be there. I'll have either my unpainted space marines or unpainted Dark Eldar.

  5. Nice,

    If you win your game you get 5 points. If you get your personal objective, you get +1. If you deny your opponent his personal objective you get another +1 or 7 points. This is a flames of war scoring system we are trying out. It helps to award an extra point of so for each mission.

  6. This should probably go up on the Hive Fleet site as well, no?


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