Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adepticon: Armies Of The Imperial Guard

by SandWyrm

There were 246 players in the 40K Championships, out of which I got pics of 92. Most of the rest didn't put their armies on display prior to game one. As there's so many pics, I'm going to break these up by type. We'll start with the Imperial Guard at 10 of the 92 armies I photographed.  Of which only a few were true Leafblower builds.

The first pic (above) is my army: The Tallarn 13th Armored Company. It got a lot of attention based on the brightness of the colors I used. I was even asked by the Crystal Brush guys to bring it over to get photographed by them. When I asked if that meant I was being considered for a prize, they looked oddly at each other and fed me a story about being included in a catalog of the tournament.

We'll see. They said they'd call me. :)

This was JWolf's Tallarn army. There were actually 3 of us there with Tallarns, which floored me.


Tallarn #3

I dig the parking lot.


  1. The current plan is to do a hardcover yearbook of the Crystal Brush/AdeptiCon (sort of like the Cool Mini or Not Annual). They were picking out good-looking armies to photograph and include in the print edition. Should be pretty cool.

  2. The ork leaf blower is Rob from Spikey Bits...

    I know Rob and the 'orks' were missing this weekend from the store cabnet!


  3. Thanks for sharing the pics, and for going through the effort to sort through them like this!

  4. As another Tallarn guy, I a heartened :)

    Thanks for posting all this.

  5. Oh, and your objective markers are great!

  6. Believe it or not, they were a last minute addition. I'd forgotten about the marker requirement until the day before. :O

  7. It was truly a pleasure to play another Tallarn army, Sandwyrm. Hopefully we'll get another chance soon. I'd love it if you guys can make it down here in July for WAR.

  8. My Wife points are used up this year with Adepticon and NOVA. But we. will. play. again. ;)

  9. I'd like to go to WARgames Con. Clearing that with my wife is another thing altogether.

    My wife points (and Travel budget) are going to be used up by NOVA.

    We'd love to have you guys come up for IndyOpen in Nov. (more details will be forthcoming)

  10. This is a pretty solid way to show the armies of adepticon. I'm totally stealing it for our blog next year. Well done Sandwyrm. I do have to put on my sad-face that you didn't snap a shot of my guard. I had them on a board and everything, way before round one.

    No biggie, though, I'm just givin' you crap! Well done series, 2 thumbs way up!

  11. Farmpunk -

    Details would be good. I can't make NOVA this year as I'm hosting FOW Late War Nationals that weekend, but I'm looking for more tournaments of decent size to attend.

    I'll be playing at the Alamo Fantasy tournament in San Antonio in Novemember (a truly excellent IGT of 70-80 players and one of my favorite venues), but if the weekends line up well I'd love to play in your tournament.

    Yeah, I play games other than 40K, sue me.

  12. @Cvinton

    I think that next year I'll just sort the Mahreens by color. Trying to figure out who's counting as who is pretty irritating. :)

  13. Oh, and JWolf:

    BRB, page 62, first paragraph. Wrecks count as both difficult and dangerous terrain. Craters (bottom of page 61, right side) only count as difficult ground.



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