Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adepticon Pics: The Siege Of Terra Diorama

by SandWyrm

BoLS already posted some pics of this beauty, but the flash they used totally killed the lighting and  color. So here it is in it's proper glory and in every possible angle. To say this diorama is awesome is an understatement. Click on any image to enlarge it. Enjoy!


  1. *wow* Absolutely awesome! I must try to get to Adepticon in future years just to see what tables they have!

  2. Great pics, thanks for posting!

  3. These were amazing looking! I wish I could have seen it in person, as I am sure the pictures (like all pictures) do not do them justice.

  4. I got a few pictures of it, but there were a few guys just hanging around it chit-chatting about their previous games and were rude about moving out of the way so I could get better angles. Oh well, it was still pretty awesome!


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