Thursday, April 14, 2011

Of Blood And Fur

By TheGraveMind

Spaguatyrine and I were able to get a game in this tuesday. I think it is only the second time we have ever played, and I have come a long way since then with my Blood Angels.

The Mission; Annihilation, the Deployment; Pitched battle. We agreed on 1750 and He had first turn.

He deployed with the TWC centrally, and had his two long fang squads on each side of this deployment.

I scouted my two baal predators up, and popped smoke. I hid Mephiston behind my razorbacks and used my land raider as a wall. I reserved my typhoons and Storm raven. His droppod came in right in front of my LR and two melta shots stunned the redeemer.

His missiles took out my back razorback, and the opposite long fangs put missiles into side armor of my other Baal predator.

Baal predator and Land raider put rounds into the TWC and I torrented two of them away. Mephiston ran up and killed the drop pod squad.

Missiles yet again took out the other Predator. His Thunder wolf lord assaulted Mephiston, and the Hammer wolf assaulted the Redeemer. Mephiston did 4 wounds to the lord, and he failed his invulnerable saves and died while the redeemer blew up and pinned the squad inside.

On my flank the scouts came in, and tried to take out my other razorback, but only took off the lascannons. I had forgotten that Scouts were the bane of my marines, (having lost a game because I lost combat assaulting into 6 scouts with 5 assault marines). I had 10 marines shoot at scouts killing 3, and then assault in, and ended up getting wiped.

Typhoons and Raven came in. typhoons blew up a razorback, and raven shot into long fangs.

Black mane and squad jumped out and decided it was time to charge into Mephiston. S10 swings killed Blackmane before he had a chance, but 30+ attacks at S5 were enough to take down Mephiston who had been hurt already.

My other two squads assaulted what was left of Blackmane's squad and after two turns one squad was able to walk away.

My storm Raven proceeded to Turbo boost around the board, dodge missiles from both long fang squads, and shooting it's Multi melta into vehicles each turn.

The melta scout vs the seargent of one of my squads. These two squads had been going back and forth each game, it felt like Spy Vs Spy. He shoots the melta, misses and charges in. They kill each other first round of combat.

The Storm raven shoots its assault cannon into the Rune priest squad and kills him. A Missile finally catches up with the Raven and takes him down on an immobilized. Luckily he crashes right where I need him blocking the sight of other long fang squad.

Game ends at the bottom of 6. The storm raven going down nets him that last kill point making the final count 11 to my 10. The Victory goes to the Wolves....this time. Through out the game I had added up kill points in my head and it was like 6-6, or 9-8, always 1 away. A very bloody game by turn 3 there wasn't much left. He took full advantage of going first and took the fight to my face, limiting my mobility and keeping my army in place while suppressing a good amount of my fire.


  1. Nice report.

    "Mephiston ran up and killed the drop pod squad."

    Epic, lol. <3 Mephi.

  2. Nice report. It's always good to see Spangy sweat. :)


    The new Emo-Wing is ready for a fight.

  3. Nice report. Mephiston is a beast, as always.

  4. Nice report! Mephiston got very lucky twice! he should have died by my Thunderwolf Lord and three other Thunderwolves, but my two thunderwolves decided to fail both of their 3+ saves at the same time.

    Good Game Gravemind! You get closer everytime...but.....

    Still waiting for a blood angels player to step up........crickets
    i hear...nothing...

    just kidding !

    Sandwyrm, I have been waiting to pound some more I have slit my forearm, bring it!
    By the way his storm raven took about 20 missles before finally going down. Luck of the blood god I would say! Heretics!

    And the Scout squad took out 2 razorbacks, and 2 assualt squads by themselves! Good Job scouts!

  5. Spag if you're so confident, why don't you let me go first next time? haha

    I haven't really used mephiston before, but I decided for my tournament list I'd give him a try, and ya he is a beast.

    @sandwyrm, I wouldn't mind facing against the Emo-wing. Care to take jump marines vs jump marines sometime?

  6. Sure. I'll be at G2D4 on Saturday. With both armies. :)

  7. I have to work! figures the time you come down....

    I am ok with you going first. My army doesn't really need to go first. Re-match? :p

  8. @ Spag If it wasn't for Taco night......

  9. I would bring the hot sauce!!! LOL! Soon my friend!


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