Monday, April 25, 2011

K-Town ThrowDown Tournament Results

by Uberdark

The ninjas are there to distract you from the fact that I could'nt find a funny picture of Warhammer players.

Wow!!! I'm spent. In all we had 26 people show and a handful of yugioh players. lol.

Here are the break downs. I am only posting top 12 because without a spreadsheet i cant be arsed to do all the maths without throwing a Dark Eldar Archon. Some of these people I dont know your last names or online handles so bear with me.

1.Aaron A (spaguatyrine) 4-0 Grey Knights

1.. Justin L (dodger 3) 4-0 Chaos Daemons

2. Andrew H (rionnay) 3-1 Tyranid

3. Steve B (steve bradford) 2-2 Space Marines

4. Scott K. (scottydont) 2-1 Space Marines (vulkan style)

5. Greg N. (caulyndarr i think) 2-1 (grey knights)

6. Garrett H. (Farmpunk) 2-1 (grey knights)

7. Will B. (Da Kommisork) 2-1 (orks)

8. Ryan H. 2-1 (space marines)

9. Dave P. (wabatuckydave) hehe 2-1 (chaos space marines)

10. Neil K. (Meister Kei) 2-1 (Eldar)

11. Eric T. (Edge) 2-1 (Imperial Guard)

I would just like to say this was hands down one of the best tourneys I've ever hosted. Oh wait, it was my first. lol. We had a lot of amazing players at this tourney and many shenanigans ensued. Tbh, we had a run on free pizza because some college guys had to eat more than the allotted two I yelled out three times "KEEP IT TO TWO GUYS!!!" and mind you I'm a teacher and my voice was mighty. lol.

Highlights: 3 Muncie guys had to be 30 mins late, so we all consistently made fun of them throughout the day for their silliness and fail of a GPS.

To start: 1.You will notice two guys who have never been in a tourney and they performed admirably. First is Ryan H. He is 12 guys, and this kid was the one who had the lit space marines army. He won best painted army and went home with an 8th place win. If he keeps with it, I have to say Ryan will not only be one of the top painters in the country but a fantastic player at that. Its great to see a kid just start to know what to do.

2.This brings me to "DA'KOMMISORK" Will B. He was the only Kokomo player to place in the top 12 and might I say against such tough stock, I was very glad to see him do this. Will ran a very battlewagon heavy army with shoota boys, big meks, burnas out the wazzoo and those crazy nob biker wound allocators. lol. Will has been playing for about 3 months guys. This is one I will say IS GOING TO BE a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. Not because he plays Orks but because his tactics and list building are spot on. I love it when a new player starts out asking me for advice on orks and I find myself 2 months later asking him back for advice. Will should be at the Hive Fleet Indy tourney in may with me, so it should be fun.

3. Things I saw: Spag and Scottydont had to be the ones who pulled each other in the 3rd round game. lol. All the while, Dodger3 just seemed to pull chaos space marines like it was candy.

Battles of note: Game 1: Scottydont plays Teng. Scotty won this game, and Teng is very new to the game, but as I walked by Scott says, "this is one of 3 times I've ever had to pull Vulkan back."

my response: He only has 7 kill points. Did I mention I helped him write that list.

Scotts response: a curt look and laughs ensued later.

Rionnay vs spags space wolves as played by Scotts son while Spag played his new GK. Then ten minutes later pulling Spag for the final game. lol. classic win guys.

Edges guard vs. Foodies nids: a game i really wanted to see. The two exchanged quite a few tough battles and Edge brought out the win in the end.

In the end guys, there were so many amazing battles going on it just turned out great. Look for a future post for the next Gamer DMZ tourney in june.

Side note: anyone who wants to post their own favorite moments of the day please feel free and post away.

To Spagautyrine: I took pictures with your camera cause mine is broke, so if you would like to add some pics in, please feel free.


Pictures: (Added by Spaguatyrine's phone)


 Good ol' Rionnay decided to flip off the TO.  Good thing he pulled Spag in the last round.  Karma is amazing like that.

Great Looking guy! Running from all those terminators!!! Ahhh!

Stupid Daemons!

Jerk!! J/K He brought cookies! And There is Garret clubbing a seal totally off the table!


  1. Man I wish I had gone. I only found out I was able to go friday night. Eh, I'll bring the pain next time. You all have escaped your fates for now!

  2. Yeah well, I had the date mixed up and thought it was this coming weekend. I shall also bring the pain next time.

  3. Post the picture of all the passed Seer Council saves. I think I made 22 in one turn.

  4. Yeah well...I have no really good excuse. So I shall just bring the pain next time! :)

  5. Uber;
    thanks again, man. Had a blast!
    I haven't had a chance to travel for tourney much since moving back to Ohio, and it was 100% worth it! Very solid event.
    I shall try to make your next one.
    Mike (Deathwing)

  6. Best moment:

    Needing to kill two tervigons in the final turn to win in the second round. My wimpy Xenos Inquisitor insta-kills one with his force weapon, but when one of my Dread Knights tries to do the same, he perils and looses his last wound, loosing me the game.

  7. Blogger was really messing up when I loaded so many pictures on here. Sorry for the weird layout.


  8. If I've got time later today I'll try to work on the pic layout.

  9. Thanks Uberdark. Good time.
    As much as I like being in the top 12...I went 1-2...Farmpunk and Dodger3 both handed me my arse. Dunno what happened to your 'spreadsheet' lol...

    How do I get info and signed up for the 5/14 tourney?

  10. I'm in like 5 of those picture, but obscured or way in the background.

  11. wow. that is the worst use of photo putting in i have evar seen. lol...

  12. Pics fixed. But you'll have to correct the rotation by uploading those again after you fix them.

  13. Some of that pictures are repeated twice or even three times :)

    I'd love to see the Kommisork army list...

  14. I played against that list in round three it was essentially:

    Warboss w/ Bike, Power Klaw
    Big Mek with KFF
    5 x Nobz w/Bikes, pain boy
    2 x squads of 15x shoota boys with 2x rockets
    14 x burna boys
    3x battle wagons with rocket and def rolla

  15. Wow, of all the pictures >_< You couldn't take a picture of the pretty tyranids you took one of me? Thanks Uber :-P

  16. im sorry.....pretty tyranids? oh i took plenty shots of foodies nids. lol.

    on a side note: that was basically rionnay and i joking around. we are brutal with each other when we play. the mom jokes never stop, and it usually ends in drinks at the end of the night. lol

  17. Drinks. . . you mean bottles. Poppin bottles with uber and friends, a new late night comedy

  18. I'm suprised at how much Similac you guys plow through... ;p

    and seriously, if anyone ever wants to hear smack talk, we can tape the GP North game room when Rionnay, Uberdark, and GeekProtem are all in the house. it's brutal. Foodie and I get a few zingers in there, but the barrages of Mom jokes are hot and heavy (like the Moms).

    I had a good time. Which was the main reason I went.
    Also, I wanted to playtest the GK build with a Libby and Termies. It was fun. I'm embarrassed about the mistakes I made (confusing the profiles of warp rift and warp blast)

    I'm pleased we've got a pretty good tourney scene in Central Indiana. I think with a little knowledge of how this ran, and how the 2d4 tourneys run, we can pull out a good GT.

  19. i was pleasantly surprised how the missions ran. one mission almost quite literally tied with two people after going through all 3 tiers. I still don't like having two 1st place finishers, but it is what it is. and man the pairings for each round were simple to do. good time had by all hopefully.

    p.s. i plan on putting up a detailed report on my feelings with the nova missions and the w/l format

  20. i loved this turny well done uberdark hope to have to as a TO agin -dave from mtown

  21. i had a great time, even if it was beyond my usual laziness-induced gaming radius. i played against 3 people i've never even met, which is always fun.

    there were a couple of things i think that can be improved for next time, but it was a really good first showing. well done.

    and having uberdark's mom as a 'bathroom attendant' was a nice touch.

  22. steve by all means email me what you think could be improved. im always looking for ways to your mom

  23. The smack talk that goes on is always great :-D That's how you know we are having a great games when we are smack talking.

    If you don't want to get smack talked NEVER give uberdark your phone number he will text you and smack talk the whole day before your game with him.

  24. now rionnay i have never done that anyone! how dare you say someting like that. after all we all know the times i text you and remind you of all the times i use steves mom for a throw pillow on your bed.

  25. He just sent me a smack talk about our game tomorrow! Looser!

    You know what orks are?

    Green fungus that has mutated into a more complex organism. Barely more complex, but still...


  26. look just because grey knights are space marines with a mouth guard who run around in a flying dust buster doesnt mean im talking smack. hehe

  27. Lets face it though space wolves just have a furry fetish.

    Orks are kind of like kids making jackson polick-esk paintings with straws. . . yes uber you know what kids I mean.

    Grey knights well. . . I mean, come on. The only kind of person that would play grey knights is a middle aged bald guy who just likes to ride the hottest thing on the market. . . a.k.a. Uber's mom.

  28. hey now rionnay!!! i told you to stay out of my smack talk with aaron, my moms still game. ;)

  29. Well,

    I am not middle aged yet, and the last I checked........

    ....wait for it.................


    YOU LOST TO THEM!!!!!!!!

    HAHA!! LOL!!!

  30. Well,

    You're still bald. I did lose to them but if you want I can be like you and run out and buy the brand new marine codex every time one comes out. Will I be cool then? Will I win against the big bad scary grey knights? How about I just play grey knights AND space wolves. Will I be cool then? can I be "counted among you?" Please Mr. middle aged balding man who likes to just spend money on plastic miniatures while we all train his mom while he watches.

    p.s. had I of rolled a 4 for that run you couldn't have emergency disembarked I don't believe. I've been hunting the internets and rule book for 2 days.

  31. <3 <3 <3 Love you Spag <3 <3 <3

  32. :-P seriously though all jokes aside it was a great game. An awesome first game between us and I hope to have many more.

  33. The emergency disembark only works on the same player turn. I.E. If I moved flat out and ended over difficult terrain in my turn and rolled a 1 to get immobilized, then the people in side would be destroyed. Nice try though.

    And I didn't buy the blood angels codex. And I played Grey Knights before when they were daemonhunters, and yes I bought the space wolves codex before I knew how cool they were because they like to assault. So there you go!

    Good Game.

  34. And one day grass hopper you may be counted among us..... J/K

  35. I'll have to show you, emergency disembark just means you can get out anywhere on the hull if i surround it and just wreck it you can't get out (remember I rolled a 4+1 for AP1).

    I'm not talking about the you moved and all your guys die because it immobilized I know that doesn't work I play neil far too much to think that would work :-D

    p.s. we all still love you. . . and your mom.

  36. If you have a tank with dudes inside, and that tank is surrounded completely by an enemy unit, and the vehicle would wreck (which means they must be placed within 2" of the vehicle) you would not be able to do so as you cannot accomplish this due to you also having to be outside of 1" of enemy models. This means the occupants are destroyed.

    I'm pretty sure this is covered in the FAQ.

    I am a Xenos player. You can be pretty damn sure that I know the rules. Xenos players that don't are Xenos players that lose, a lot.

  37. Found it:

    Q: If a transport vehicle is completely surrounded can a
    unit inside disembark by moving through the enemy
    models? (p67)
    A: No. Models that disembark are still subject to the
    normal movement rules regarding moving through other
    models as per page 11

    When you cannot disembark, you die. Same as going flat out and crashing on the same player turn.

  38. Yes, but you can still emergency disembark from something besides a vehicle hatch. That being 2" from any point of the vehicle. It is really hard to do that. But yes if the vehicle is completely surrounded, any models that cannot disembark and cannot stay 1" away from enemy models is destroyed. Not the unit but models.

  39. And all I needed was to roll a 3 on my 3+ cover save that I made, or a 4+ on my psychic hood, or .....

    Just kidding. We will play soon.

  40. You don't get to complain though you won :-P lol Very soon we will get a game in. So I heard face guards or not the dust buster killed some orks.


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