Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adepticon: Armies Of The Blood Angels

by SandWyrm

At 17 of the 92 armies I photographed, here's the Blood Angels.

Go team Sweden!

This Dred was magnetized. :)


  1. Wow. Some fantastic looking armies. I am amazed at the detail and effect some of the more talented hobbyists can attain with their models.

    Is that last pic a pre-mutation Soul Drinkers army??

  2. The tenth army down appears to be Space Wolves, though in a very striking black and red scheme...

  3. Hey, look! My army's on the interwebz!

    The Knights of Blood (3rd one down) is mine. Thanks for posting it. Also the Lamenters army above mine, and the Soul Drinkers army at the bottom are both owned by friends of mine.

  4. The purple are nice. That is an interesting list. Alot of AV13!!

  5. We'll have to get pics of Chambers' LustWing up sometime. I can almost hear Kirby's nergasm over the pink chaosterminator army now.

    something better than these:

  6. Pics are coming from our Lustwing vs. Tallarn game at Adepticon.


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